We were very excited to receive message from the couple who had a wedding at Ujikami Shrine on March 22 2019.

Name /  Bride ( MSSN )
Name /  Groom ( NA )
Location of Wedding Ceremony / Ujikami Shrine

☆☆☆ Message  ☆☆☆

● What was the important factor(s) in deciding to choose us over our competitors? 

Quick response.In the beginning, I sent e-mails to a few agencies, and you were the ones to reply the quickest.Also, having a very sweet English speaking staff (Okuri-san).

● Please provide your input on the wedding ceremony site and/or the reception site.

I really liked both Ujikami Shrine because it was quiet, private and peaceful, and the ryokan because it was also small and quiet.

● Please give us your comment/message to your wedding planner.

I loved working with you.Everything was so simple and easy, and having Okuri-san to help and support me all the time was great.

● What was your overall experience with our company and Please write a message to the couple who are currently looking for the wedding ceremony site and/or wedding produce company. 

I definitely recommend Create-Wedding.Everything went absolutely smooth and no stress involved!

● 弊社をご利用いただいたきっかけ、ご決定いただいた理由をお聞かせくださいませ。

迅速な対応。 2、3社にEメールにて連絡を取ったところ、一番早く返事がきました。

● 挙式場 又は 披露宴会場の感想をお聞かせくださいませ。


● 担当プランナーへメッセージをお願いします。


● 現在、結婚式場(又は、プロデュース会社)を検討されておられる方々へアドバイスをお願いいたします。